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My name is Theresa Clark. I am an engineer that is passionate about all things HVAC & Climate Control. I researched dehumidifiers and humidifiers because I have a new construction home and had a severe case of eczema that no one could diagnose. I was miserable, and after four doctors couldn’t figure it out, I did my own research.

I was diagnosed with a formaldehyde allergy. I removed all products containing formaldehyde from the house except for the materials attached to the house. I then learned that the carpets and flooring put off formaldehyde. What is the way to slow this effect? A dehumidifier! I started with a formaldehyde meter and a room dehumidifier. Life got better. I then graduated to the whole home version. The problem significantly improved!

Now that I have had the dehumidifier for two years.  I now need a Reme Halo air purifier to kill the bacteria now growing there.

After researching the cost of operating a unit and the effect on comfort, I believe that I have reduced the use of an air conditioner because the air isn’t as humid.

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