About me

My name is Theresa Clark. I am not an HVAC pro by any means but I researched dehumidifiers because I have a new construction home and had a severe case of eczema that no one could diagnose. I was miserable and after 4 doctors who couldn’t figure it out, I did my own research.

I was diagnosed with a formaldehyde allergy. I removed all products containing formaldehyde from the house, except for the materials attached to the house. I then learned that the carpets, flooring etc off-gas formaldehyde. The way to slow this effect? Dehumidifier! I started with a formaldehyde meter and a room dehumidifier. Life got better. I then graduated to the whole home version. Problem significantly improved!

Now that I have had it for 2 years, the HVAC guys said I now need a Reme halo to kill the bacteria now growing in there.

Also, research on the cost of operating a unit and the effect on comfort. I believe that I have reduced the use of ac because the air isn’t as humid. Then there is the effect on wood abs reducing movement of natural wood due to changes in humidity in the house.

Lots of stuff to discuss…

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