How to Reduce Humidity in Apartment Fast?

Have you ever found the humidity in your apartment unbearable? There are a few easy solutions you could try to eliminate the humidity for free. There are also a few that you can try if you are able to spend a few hundred dollars. Here are a few of these options.

Easy Ways to Remove Humidity from your Apartment

Time Your Showers

One simple way to reduce the humidity in your apartment is taking short cold showers. If you enjoy long hot showers, then you are releasing a lot of steam in your apartment.

Opening a window a little bit in your apartment can greatly reduce the humidity level. If it is particularly humid outside, this will not be as effective, but in most regions, it will work fine.

Keep Plants in Your House

Having plants in your apartment is another cheap and effective solution. The soil for the plants will be happy to give you a hand with this.

Home Maintenance

Check your apartment for any old and rotten wood. If you can see any mold or rotten spots on your floor joists in the basement, the rot should be removed. Rotten wood is an indicator of high moisture content and can easily be the source of your high humidity.

Keep an eye on your gutters. Having a buildup of leaves or other debris can cause the water in your gutters to leak into your attic space. Moisture in the attic will evaporate and raise the humidity in your apartment.

Keeping up with home maintenance issues, check your pipes. A leaky pipe can be another big source for unwanted water inside. Water inside your home can cause mold issues as well as high humidity.

Home Appliances

Clothes dryers can throw a lot of humidity back into your apartment. Ensure that your dryer is properly vented. Using a clothesline will greatly reduce the amount of moisture you are getting from your laundry.

Place a dehumidifier in your basement or any room with high humidity. These simple appliances plug into the wall, and you are set. The dehumidifier will suck up the water inside your apartment and shut off when the bucket is full. At this point, you remove the bucket and dump the water, and you are done. You have to choose the best dehumidifier for apartment from our latest expert guide.

There are air conditioners. Air conditioners cost more money to buy and can increase your electric bill. However, if the humidity in your apartment is bad enough, it is something worth looking into. This is usually the easiest way to accomplish the task.

Turn on your ceiling fans. This is a lot more cost efficient than the purchase of a new air conditioning unit. The results will not be the same, but if an air conditioner is cost prohibitive, then this is your next best thing.

In conclusion, there are many free or inexpensive ways to lower the humidity. Good general house maintenance is one way. This can also save you from costly house repairs in the future. Then there are the easier yet more expensive ways. These options include ceiling fans, dehumidifiers, and air conditioners. Make sure you go through your options and choose the one that best fits your needs.