What Does a Dehumidifier Do For Your Health?

For everyone who doesn’t know, a dehumidifier is a machine that removes the moisture from the air and it regulates humidity level which is needed to create comfortable living conditions.

However, I’ve heard some people asking questions such as is dehumidifier making me sick?

While on the other hand, people have wondered is dehumidifier causing a sore throat.

That’s why in this post I will help you understand the benefits of a dehumidifier, and also I will teach you when to use it, is it good for your health and what are the side effects of using the dehumidifier.

Is a Dehumidifier Good or Bad for Your Health

As I have explained earlier, dehumidifiers can’t cause a headache nor a sore throat, so it is still good for your health.

If it can’t cause a headache, there’s no reason to believe that it can be bad for your health any other way.

They’re actually doing more good than bad to your health by controlling the level of humidity and removing the moisture from the air.

High or low humidity can cause health problems in the summer and winter, but the dehumidifier is regulating the humidity level so it’s even preventing health problems.

I would highly recommend you get a dehumidifier if you were in doubt before because it cannot cause any health problems, yet, it can only prevent some health issues.

However, make sure that you understand that the dehumidifiers need constant maintenance to keep them healthy for the environment.

The same goes for the air conditioning units.

If the air conditioning units don’t cause health problems, then dehumidifier won’t cause problems as well.

Also, if you have already existing problems with mold, dehumidifier won’t be able to remove it.

It only removes the air moisture and regulates the humidity level.

Can a Dehumidifier Cause Headaches?

Some people think that the dehumidifier isn’t very healthy and that it can cause headaches and various sort of health issues.

The answer to the question is no.

A dehumidifier can not cause headaches, actually, it can help prevent headaches.

As everyone knows, headaches are considered one of the most common nervous system disorder.

People usually presume that their headaches are caused by stress and anxiety when in reality there are many different factors which could cause headaches.

One of the factors that can cause a headache is a low humidity.

It usually happens when a person is exposed to a dry air over a longer period of time, it causes nasal dryness.

Mucus membranes will become dry and that will cause them to crack, which might lead to some type of headaches.

In reality, a dehumidifier will actually help and prevent headaches as it regulates humidity level in the room.

If you experience headaches while using the dehumidifier, it’s most likely that something else is the actual trigger.

The same thing goes for a sore throat.

The dehumidifier is actually helping your throat not to get dry if you are breathing through your mouth.


A dehumidifier can do more good than bad, especially for your health.

It’s not true that the dehumidifier causes headaches or a sore throat, in fact, it’s preventing these health issues to happen.

You just have to decide how big dehumidifier do you need for your environment, based on the room space.

Also, you have to maintain it constantly and pay attention to the settings.

You want to adjust them to the variations in the seasonal indoor temperature.

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