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When to Use a Dehumidifier: In Winter or Summer?

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When Should you use a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are great for relieving dry air and bringing relief for various problems that bother us. But when should you use one – in the winter or summer?

To make things even more complicated, it’s not as simple as getting one and using it.

To answer your question, “when to use a dehumidifier winter or summer?”, as it turns out, using a dehumidifier depends on the levels of relative humidity. If it’s high,  you can use a dehumidifier during the year.

To get the perfect level of moisture throughout your home, you’ll need a dehumidifier. It all depends on your region, the condition of your home, and your lifestyle habits.

When should I use a dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier can be used in both winter and summer. High humidity in the summer is bad for your health as much as the low humidity in the winter is.

That means a dehumidifier can and should work in winter and summer. I will tell you not to open windows during the summer while a dehumidifier is running.

Opening windows will cause a dehumidifier to have trouble maintaining the humidity level since it will change inside the room. A dehumidifier is useful in winter, too, although it’s due to a lack of humidity in the air.

When it’s cold outside and heat inside, it can make the air dry.

Dry air can cause a dry throat and irritations If you are breathing through your mouth. How many times have you experienced a dry throat during your sleep or even during the day?

Low humidity during winter can cause more significant health issues, such as spreading viruses more quickly and causing dry skin or nosebleed.

Pay attention to the settings on your dehumidifier. Make sure they’re adjusted to the variations in seasonal indoor temperatures.

Summer and winter are both great for using your dehumidifier. But for different reasons.

Using a Dehumidifier in Summer

Do you need to use a dehumidifier in the summer? Should you use a dehumidifier in the summer? Summer can often be exceptionally hot. It’s humid, sticky, and impossible to feel comfortable throughout the day and night.

Opening a window may seem like a good option at the time until bugs fly in and more hot air is fanned around your home.

Opting for a dehumidifier in the summer months will help you relax at home in the daytime and get good sleep during the night.

If you’re concerned about your skin drying out while using a dehumidifier in summer, you can turn it on for a couple of hours a day.

Using a Dehumidifier in Winter

Using a dehumidifier in winter is a standard option for people who have noticed mold growing. Mold thrives off the cooler climate and moisture in the air. Running a dehumidifier to tackle some of the moisture will stunt mold growth.

If your home or area is extremely cold, use a dehumidifier in winter with caution for these cases. The weather is too cold for the dehumidifier to run properly. The interior workings of the unit may freeze up. If this happens, the unit may not work anymore.

If you want to use your dehumidifier in winter but are concerned about the temperature of your house, consider running a dehumidifier with a heater.

You don’t need to run the heater all the time. This would be expensive and may result in your house being too hot. Run the heater for a few hours a day.

If you do this, you’ll see a reduction in mold growth, have a warmer house and have peace of mind when it comes to using your dehumidifier.


A dehumidifier can be used during any season, especially when used with other methods to tackle mold and moisture in your home.